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Hairstyles I Am Loving Collage
Hairstyles I Am Loving For 2018
Something I don't tend to touch upon on my blog is hairstyles! Why? I have no idea because I love trying out new styles! I've decided I'm going to compile a list of hairstyles/colours I am digging at the moment that I'd either love to try myself or wish I could rock. This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own so I hope you get some hair inspo too!

Beyonce Curls
Bohemian Curls
How gorgeous does Beyonce look? I absolutely adore the look of these curls on her although it's completely opposite to what I naturally rock (pin straight hair, sigh). However I came across Divatress who are selling these outer expression bohemian curl 14 loops that could work for anyone wanting this look! They are available in a variety of colours to suit anyone wanting to purchase them which is good to see as I hate when you find your ideal hair piece/extensions and they don't come in your colour. Divatress have also included a video on the page to help you style these which is very helpful for someone new to the world of hair pieces (like me!). Be sure to check out their website for thousands of more wigs and hair care products.

Short & Choppy Hair
Short & Choppy
Now this is something I've wanted to do but I feel like I'll end up missing my long hair! Short & choppy has definitely come into fashion in the past year with lots of people being brave and taking inches off their hair. I love how 'messy' and 'easy' this looks yet it still seems put together and super pretty. I feel like styling this could either be super easy or hard.. I'm not one to use many hair products so I think this could be a small hurdle for me and I'd need to know exactly what works for short choppy hair and what doesn't. I also feel my styling techniques would need to change too, no more tight curls for me and I'd probably have to use a lot of heat since I don't think I'd like this style straight which is my natural hair type. 

Bronde Hair
I'm one of those people that can't decide whether I want to be blonde or brunette.. therefore I have ombre hair! However, I've had ombre for 4 years now and I want a change. This exact photo is the sort of thing I want to go for next.. a mid-length choppy and layered style, middle parting and a mix of brown and blonde. I'd probably have a bit more brown mixed in though since I'm pale and I find too much blonde washes me out (I used to be fully blonde and looking back, I look so washed out!). For me this would still be super simple to style and maintain since it's just a shorter version of what I have now plus a middle parting (which I'd need to get used to). 

Light Purple Hair
If I ever do get rid of my blonde.. I really feel like I should at least try a bold colour throughout my hair. I've always wanted to try purple or pink out in my hair, especially for summer. I'd want something pastel or quite light as opposed to a dark pink/purple since I think pastels look less heavy on the hair. I particularly think this dusky purple looks beautiful and could work with my pale skin.

What are your thoughts on the hair colours and styles I mentioned? What is next on your list to try?

- Emily x

* This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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Short & Choppy

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  1. I love all of these hairstyles. Especially the bold hair colours!

  2. Love these hairstyles! These are all very spring! x

  3. Gorgeous Compilation! Loving many of these styles!.. click here now see more info..

  4. I think the bohemian curls look incredible! I mean Beyonce can rock basically any hairstyle, but I think the curls like that look SO good on her.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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