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Slenderella Pyjamas

Sleep In Style With Slenderella
We all know that sleep is important but have you ever thought investing in your pyjamas could help too? Having a pair of pjs that are comfy, easy to move in and breathable are so important to get a good nights rest. Today's post is going to discuss Slenderella and their beautiful nightwear that I had the chance to try myself. I also have a discount code for you guys to grab yourself 15% off everything on the site, what a bargain!

The Yarn Dyed Tartan Pyjamas
After browsing their site I settled on trying the Yarn Dyed Tartan pyjamas since I loved the print and I'm a lover of red. I also find tartan is a flattering design and is pretty classic so I knew it would go well with anything I paired it with. They do this specific tartan style in 3 options but I went with the shirt and trousers just because that is what I'm used to and since it's still pretty cold, I wanted something to keep me warm.

As stated on their website these pyjamas are described as 'button through pyjama top with long sleeves and a collar. Satin piping detail to cuff, collar and pockets. Breast pocket to left side. 100% yarn dyed cotton'. Upon opening my package, I could feel the quality was definitely apparent in the pyjamas and were super soft to the touch. They also felt thick and well made as opposed to cheaper alternatives that can feel thin and usually fade in the wash. Overall my first impression of them was good and definitely what I expected, I liked that they came wrapped in a box too which definitely adds to the value of them.

If you're wondering if I put these on as soon as they arrived.. you would be correct! When I'm at home I love to lounge in pjs so I knew that they'd get a good rigorous test on whether they are lounge-worthy or not. The first thing I noticed about putting them on is they definitely had an apparent weight to them, confirming they were made from good quality fabric that would stand the test of time. They also felt extremely soft and almost satin-like which I definitely approve of. The top fitted me really well and I was glad to see that the buttons go right up the chest, allowing me to keep my dignity and not reveal too much skin or have anything popping out!! The trousers are elasticated which I'm thankful for as I did have to get a size bigger than I usually would (10 - 12) and I was worried the whole set would be too big but the trousers fitted snuggly, just a little long if anything. 
Lounging around in them was a dream and they kept me warm whilst on the couch. The only thing I would say is that the sleeves do ride up if you're sat on the couch on your phone (or basically anything where you arms are bent) so perhaps I just have longer than average arms?! However this was not a huge issue for me but thought it should be something I mentioned since I expected them to be a little longer since I sized up. 

Now how did they fair in the sleeping test? Usually any pyjamas that are a shirt and trouser style I end up burning up in whilst sleeping so I was convinced this would happen with these. I was wrong! These were breathable yet still kept me toasty during the night. I could move around in them easily and the fabric didn't itch or irritate at all (something I find can happen with some nightwear which is definitely not want you want at night!). 

One issue I did face is actually on the second time of wearing these. As I went to button up the shirt, one of the buttons came right off. I noticed they seem to only be attached with a small amount of thread so you need to make sure you are not heavy handed. Luckily I know the basics of sewing so I can quite easily sew it back on with no hassle but it would be nice to see the buttons sewn securely as I think it could be quite easy to pull them off.

Style up your sleep!
If you're interested in this particular pair then you can find them here for £50. Slenderella also sell lingerie, dressing gowns and menswear too so a good variety of products to treat yourself to. As previously mentioned, you can get 15% off with my code 'MISSBEAUTYEMILY15' which is not an affiliate code (just in case you're wondering!).

What do you think of the pyjamas I picked out? Leave your comments down below

 - Emily x

* I was sent this product for reviewing purposes only. I was not paid for this post.

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  1. These Pjs are gorgeous and look so comfy, everyone seems to have the cutest sets but I cant remember the last time I wore any, I literally just sleep in baggy t-shirts and pants, I get way too hot if I have anything on my bottom half. Absolutely love checkered though so these would be the kind of set I'd buy xx

  2. I love the pattern on these pjs not to mention they look like the softest and cosiest set of pjs ever.


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