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Chemist4U Products
Chemist4U: Discounted Makeup & Essentials?!
Don't we all love makeup that's cheaper than the RRP? I do! I've recently had the chance to shop on Chemist4U and stocked up on some beauty faves and essentials. I wanted to share with you what I purchased on the website and how you can grab some bargains too. As you can guess from their name, Chemist4U also allow you to purchase healthcare such as vitamins, medicines and dental care all at the comfort of your home which makes it perfect if you're a little anxious to pop in-store.

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Spray
Victoria Secret: Pure Seduction
I first got this body spray a few years back when Victoria Secret still had their old bottles! I treasured it at the time because VS was so hard to get down here in Cornwall and you couldn't order them online at the time unless you were willing to spend a stupidly inflated price. When I spotted this on their website it immediately went into my basket, especially since it was £8.99 which is cheaper than alternative stores. I'm running very low on my previous bottle so this was a welcomed sight! Chemist4U actually stock a fair bit of Victoria Secret sprays so be sure to check those out if you like them. You can find them all here

Imperial Leather Shower CreamCussons Soap
Bathroom Essentials
What I loved about this website was the fact that you could easily stock up on bare essentials for so cheap! I always forget to pick up bathroom items so this marshmallow cream caught my eye (Probably because it's pink and sounds bloody amazing!). They aren't stocking this scent anymore but they stock other varieties and this was only £1.20 which is so good. Check out the other Imperial Leather products here. I also had to grab some soap whilst I was on there because we seem to go through it so quickly at home. I decided on this Cussons antibacterial soap which only ended up being 90p so definitely wasn't breaking the bank. 

TZone Spot Zapper
T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel
I have recently been getting into T-Zone products and actually did a whole video using their new charcoal range which you can check out here. Due to the success of those products, I wanted to try this spot gel out and see if it's any good. This ended up being £2.49 instead of £3.99 which was a great saving! They actually stock a load more T-Zone products so if you wanted to change up your skin care routine then you could literally buy it all from here

Vantage Makeup WipesT-Zone Makeup Wipes
Makeup Wipes
I go through makeup wipes like no tomorrow. (Blame the fact I do a lot of youtube videos that include endless swatches!). I took the opportunity to grab 2 packs of the T-Zone wipes which were only 39p(!!) and then also a pack of the Vantage wipes. I've already gone through a pack of the T-zone ones and for 39p I couldn't complain. They were definitely on the thinner side as makeup wipes go but I usually pay £2 - £3 for those so I was content with using 2 wipes instead. If you go through makeup wipes fast too then I 100% recommend stocking up on here, you get so much for your money!

M-Therapy Beauty PodmTherapy Beauty Pod Spout
M-Therapy Beauty Pod
So I actually purchased this with the expectation of this being a facial steamer... I should have carefully read the description! It turned out I actually purchased an anti-ageing beauty pod that produces vapour that carries the nourishing serum to the skin. Being 21 I didn't feel like I quite needed this device in my life yet so I gifted this to mum who I thought would enjoy this a lot more than me. The idea of this pod is great and you use the plastic spout to administer the serum vapour to the problematic areas of the skin. This device retails for £99.99 but on Chemist4U it is being sold for £19.99. The only investment with this device is the podlets which can be purchased from M-Therapy. You can find out more about the device here which I clearly should have read first before buying! (oops).

My Experience
If you are interested in finding fab discounts on neccessities and beauty products then I highly recommend Chemist4U. My order only took around a week to arrive and it all came securely packaged with no damages or opened products. I did find that one of my items I ordered became out of stock during the processing time but they refund any money to you if this happens. They seem to stock a huge variety of products too and I like how they are also an online pharmacy so you can buy any healthcare needed.

What's your favourite item from the bunch that I got? Have you ever shopped on Chemist4U? Let me know!

- Emily x

*I was kindly sent these products in return for a review. I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I've never heard of these before but it sounds like an amazing brand! Going to check these out now x

  2. I've never heard of Chemist4U before but some of these products look and sound wonderful!


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