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Beauty Atelier: Luxury Lashes and Essential Tools Review
So I have become a huge lover of lashes and when Beauty Atelier approached me about working with them to try out their products, I jumped at the chance. I noticed they had some beautiful hand made lashes on their website along with some really handy tools like a brush cleaner which was shaped into a cute heart! I'm all for adorable packaging! Today's post is going to be discussing and reviewing their products that I was sent and whether I recommend them or not. It also includes my unique code which allows you to receive free shipping, a fabulous incentive! So sit back, grab a cuppa and let's begin.

Beauty Atelier Silk Lashes
Silk Lashes 
(Top to Bottom: #Romantic, #Precious, #Sexy, #Glamorous)
I received 4 pairs of silk lashes that came encased in gorgeous polka dot packaging each with their own hashtag name which I felt added a great modern twist to them. They do not come with glue but their band is very thin so any type of lash glue you have at home will do the trick. I like to use the Nouveau Lash Glue as it has an easy applicator that makes it simple to get onto the band. 
As you can see from the image, each of the silk lashes have very unique designs and can create different looks. I have used #Sexy on my eyes and they created a fluttery romantic look which I sported in my 'Huge Beauty & Fashion Haul' if you want to see them in action! Like all lashes, I did have to cut these down a little so that they'd fit my eyes but this didn't ruin the effect at all (just remember to cut from the outside in!) 
The other designs look beautiful, #Glamorous are very dramatic in style and would be perfect for a night out, #Romantic are fluttery and long which could be used for a date night and then #Precious has a mix of both drama and a natural look due to the alternating long and short lashes. 
These lashes are £15 each but are well worth the money as they can be used approximately 20 times if they're washed and looked after properly.

Beauty Atelier Mink Lashes
Mink Lashes 
(Top to Bottom: #Lightly, #Softly, #Kinky)
I also received a trio of mink lashes which I've never actually tried before as I've always been skeptical about mink fur being used but these lashes are completely cruelty-free! The mink are brushed off during season and these hairs are sterilised and then steamed to create a beautiful curve. They currently have 3 designs which all vary in intensity, I have worn #Lightly that I featured in my Khloe Kardashian: Get The Look video which I absolutely loved! They gave the perfect effect that I was after which was a balance between natural and voluminous. The other two increase in intensity which I would consider wearing on a night out as they provide a lot more drama and volume so it would depend on what effect you are wanting. Like the silk lashes, I had to cut them down to fit my eye shape as they all come in a universal size which means you don't have to worry about whether they will be long enough, simply cut them down!
These lashes are available for £19 and can be used approx 20 times when washed and looked after properly.

Beauty Atelier Blender Sponge
#Perfectionist Blender Sponge
I recently purchased the original beauty blender and I didn't think I'd find any sponge better than how it performed.. how I was wrong! I did a complete full first impressions of this sponge over on my snapchat and I was amazed at how it performed. Not only does the sponge look sleek and sophisticated in black but it expanded to nearly double the size of the BB which meant it covered so much more area and made the process of foundation application super quick. It didn't soak up much foundation at all and I used just over my normal 1 pump whereas I was using 2 with the BB so I'm very pleased with that outcome.
This sponge is completely vegan friendly as it's made from vegetable fibre and is latex free which overall makes the application smooth and flawless. I bounced it along my skin like any normal sponge and it covered my pores nicely and gave me a gorgeous natural look. The Perfectionist sponge is £12 which makes it cheaper than the original and I would definitely pick this little beauty over the BB, it performed so well!

Beauty Atelier Brush Cleaner
Beauty Atelier Brush Cleaner
#Heartist Brush Cleaner
The final product I tested was this cute little heart brush cleaner! I have a little Brush Egg that I got from eBay but it's around half of this size and only has one pattern on. What I love about this one is that it has 4 different textures to thoroughly clean your brushes and adapt to the type of brush you are washing. My favourite is probably the straight lines as I feel this gets most of the product out of the brush and allows the soap to disperse. I then use the circular nodules after soaking to get any remaining product out of the bristles until the water runs clear. This tool is so handy to have if you've got lots of brushes to wash as it pops onto your hand and you can get the muck out of your brushes within minutes. I hate the feeling of 'prune' fingers and when you've got a million brushes like myself, you end up suffering from that due to washing them for hours. With this tool, my fingers don't get wet and it halves the time I take to wash which is fab as we all know this task is such a chore! 
This tool is only £8 and a great investment if you're wanting to make sure your brushes are cleaned to perfection whilst also making it a lot quicker and easier for you!

And that's a wrap..
What a gorgeous little package that I received, right? Everything was put together really cutely and wrapped up in tissue paper which I thought was very thoughtful! I would 100% recommend checking out their website as their products are continually expanding and getting bigger + better! Their items would make perfect gifts to a friend or loved one and of course, great for yourself. Keep your eyes peeled for their products popping up on my blog and YouTube as I can't get enough of their items as their lashes are serious goals!

Free Shipping: EMY10

- Emily x
* I was sent these items for reviewing purposes but I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own

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  1. I should try the Heartist Brush Cleaner asap! Xx

  2. the silk eyelashes look sooo pretty! love the packaging on them too :-) xXx

  3. Them eyelashes look absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍

  4. Those lashes look so pretty! I'm literally addicted to lashes right now haha xx

  5. The brush cleaner looks cool! X

    Sarah Trademark

  6. What a cute little brush cleaner!!! I wish I loved wearing lashes, these look great. xxxxxx

  7. Super interesting to hear about the cruelty free mink lashes, Emily! I didn't think those were possible but it's great to know that there are good products like that on the market! They look very dramatic and beautiful! The brush cleaner sounds like a fab tool, I need to invest in one of those! Thanks so much for sharing, Emily!

    Abbey 😘

  8. Wow I love that their mink lashes are cruelty free! I didn't know that was possible unless they were faux mink lashes! I'm definitely bookmarking this for a future purchase!

    Tayler Mae

  9. You honestly make me want to buy everything! Those lashes looks stunning....Ive got a feeling my bank balance is not going to like me after this post!

  10. I love the packaging of the silk lashes! I've only worn lashes once before and this post has reminded me that I definitely need to get some again! Thank you for sharing, Emily! x

    Leanne |

  11. Ooh you lucky thing, what a lovely package! I have my eye on those fake-mink lashes now, they look divine! The brush cleaner looks like it would make my life a lot easier too.

    Fab post, love Izzy |

  12. I loveeee all of the lashes 💗

  13. The eyelashs are gorgeous and the brush cleaner looks like it would come in handy!! xox

  14. Wowwww those lashes are stunning 😍 Especially the mink ones! That brush cleaner looks intriguing too! Thanks for sharing. X

  15. Some of those lashes look amazing. I love the romantic ones.

    Those heart brush cleaners are so good I've got one and wouldn't be without it makes cleaning my brushes less of a chore.

    Tania ||

  16. I don't wear fake lashes myself but these are beautiful! I've never heard of Beauty Atelier but it sounds like you got a great range of products! Going on their site now!

    Sian x

  17. These all look amazing. The heart brush cleaner is perfect too. I use the Real Techniques brush cleaner and they work brilliantly!

    Steph xx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog |

  18. Id be really interested to try out that sponge!

  19. I've still never tried lashes they look so pretty though

  20. I had NO idea that Mink eyelashes were cruelty free - I always avoided them! Amazing! xx

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  22. Those eyelashes look so gorgeous! I wish I wasn't so useless and lazy when it comes to applying them because I would really love to try some of these out

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  23. The packaging of the silk lashes is so adorable! Have only used the original beauty blender so I do feel intrigued to know how good quality dupes perform! And the brush cleaner looks so handy! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  24. Those lashes are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to see what they look like on. I really want to try that brush cleaner!!


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