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Hello everyone! 
Yesterday was my birthday yet I'm writing this just under a month in advance so hello to past me whilst you read this! I thought it was fitting to have a giveaway post around my birthday so not only am I getting birthday goodies (if I'm good!) but I'm also giving one of my readers a chance to receive a gift too. I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful jewellery candle from MyJolieCandle UK to which I found a stunning bracelet inside (keep reading to see how lovely it looks). I'm going to briefly talk you through MyJolieCandle and then we'll get straight on with the giveaway!

What is MyJolieCandle?
Originally created in France, MyJolieCandle has now opened up to us UK residents so they are fairly new to us brits! Their product combines most girls (and guys of course) love of candles and jewellery and created a gorgeously scented candle with a surprise inside. The element of surprise is such a good idea which normal candles just don't offer us! 

What is the jewellery like?
All items inside the candle have a minimum retail value of £20 but can reach up to £5000! The £20 equivalent pieces all contain Swarovski elements whilst the more expensive items can be made of gold with diamonds so you really could win the jackpot if you get the candle containing gold.
There are three pieces you can choose from: ring, bracelet or necklace and all size guides are on the website so be sure to check that out when ordering. 

What about the candle itself?
The wax is encased in a glass container with a diamond shaped sticker on the front. The sticker has a border with a design that represents the scent you have chosen so you know exactly what candle you are getting! The hidden jewellery is folded within tin foil (and  sealed in a bag) which fits in behind the sticker snugly so you know when exactly you can start expecting to grab your gift! 
There are 10 scents to choose from including red berries, cinnamon and gingerbread. 
The candle burns with a subtle scent which I really like as I do not like overpowering candles but I also hate candles that don't even smell of anything, MyJolieCandle got the correct balance! 

How long does it take to burn down to my gift?
Since I'm a very impatient person and wanted to know desperately what my candle hid within, I burned my candle as much as I possibly could when I was at home. It took me a full 3 days to eventually get my gift which is actually a lot since as I said, I had it constantly burning throughout the day. Due to this, you know that the candle is a decent quality and you're not going to just burn it once and find your gift, where would the fun be in that?? 
It's fairly easy to retrieve your foil package from the candle although I did find that the bottom of my foil packet got stuck to the glass part and took a bit of pulling to release it. 

So what did my candle hold?
I was really hoping to find a bracelet inside because I currently already have a ring and necklace that I love to wear daily so I felt it would have been wasted if I got one of those. To my surprise (and relief) I got exactly what I wanted! Inside I found this super elegant thin chain bracelet that has a hollow circle with a Swarovski stone beside it. I'm really in love with this jewellery piece because it looks super dainty on my wrist

How do I buy one?
I think these candles are not only a lovely product to buy but these would be a super awesome birthday present for a loved one due to the element of surprise and uniqueness. You can buy a candle containing a ring, bracelet and necklace in any scent you like over on their website. Prices are as follows: 
Ring: £19.90
Bracelet: £24.90
Necklace: £29.90
But guess what?! I can give you 15% off your order with my code 'EMCO15' 

(This is the exact candle you will be winning!)

How do I win one?
So now for the exciting part! Firstly a huge thank you to MyJolieCandle UK for allowing me to host the giveaway for you guys and give me an extra candle to send to the lucky winner.
The main giveaway is going to be hosted on my Twitter but there will be extra ways to enter so you have more of a chance to win.

Mandatory rules:
You must follow my Twitter here & MyJolieCandle's twitter here
- You must RT this tweet to be entered (This is important as this is how I see who has entered)

Extra entries:
- Follow my IG here
- Subscribe to my YT here
- Add me on snapchat here
- Tweet about the competition, tagging me '@missbeautyemily'
(You can send printscreens to my twitter and just tag me in the tweet so I can see!)

- This giveaway begins on 28th July 2016 (8:30pm GMT) and ends 28th August 2016 midnight
- The winner will be picked and announced the next day, 29th August 2016
- The giveaway is open to the UK ONLY, sorry!
- The winner will be contacted via DM on Twitter
- If you are under 18 then you must have permission from your parents/legal guardian to enter as I will have to ask for your name and address

Good luck!
- Emily x

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  1. I was lucky enough to win this competition and absoloutly loved it! It smells beaut and had the cutest silver necklace in! Thanks again Emily xxxx


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